Bible Unearthed

This 12-part series explores the history, importance and impact of archaeology and how discoveries help us better understand the ancient world.

Dave Stotts, host of Drive Thru History®, introduces his friend and expert, Titus Kennedy, PhD, to unpack the world of archaeology in the Holy Land. They are joined by longtime travel companion and Drive Thru History® writer, Randall Niles.

Entertaining and educational, Bible Unearthed™ is a great apologetics resource for the entire family.


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Why Adventures?


Adventures is the best way to watch Bible Unearthed™. Each episode is accompanied by a full curriculum, including a worksheet, answer guide, and extra reading. 

We also include links to super-relevant articles written by the same team that writes the scripts for our shows.

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"There's so much history to be unearthed all across the world.


In 'Bible Unearthed', we take a deep dive into my life's passion and study - archaeology. I'm joined by my good friends, Dave and Randall, to help unpack and uncover some amazing stories and artifacts.


My hope is that this series and course can take your learning deeper than ever. I'm really excited to share the adventure."

- Titus